The island of Brac is one of the most attractive destinations on the Adriatic Sea… The island of turquoise sea, untouched nature and magnificent bays.

Brač island has it all.


Relaxing is the number one pastime, however there are many ways to enjoy the island for those needing just a little more activity to make your stay perfect.

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Milna is a world famous sailing destination, located in a wide bay on Brač island which offers native beauty, traditional cuisine to authentic island life — a gateway to the famous Croatian Islands.


The town is cultivated around the Cerinić family residence, where the main activities for locals are fishing, wine and olive oil production and tourism.


The azure seas and the beaches face South, protecting them from north winds and making this region perfect for scuba diving, sailing and fishing.


Except for culinary delights, the island of Brac is also famed for its most enduring product – the famous Brač stone.


Below are some of the activities on the island. We can organise these for you through our Trusted Partners, or provide you with information for you to organise these for yourselves as you wish.




Croatia is one of the best sailing spots in the Mediterranean. There’s something magical about sailing Croatia in a simple sailboat.


Croatian islands are home to some of the most beautiful bays and beaches in the world, each offering its own unique character and charm. You can spend the whole day surrounded by beautiful, turquoise sea water and untouched nature.


You can always find a small bay for yourself, for as long as you like. Sounds perfect to us!


Welcome to the stunning and unique underwater world of Brac! Down in the deep blue sea, you will enjoy untouched and unspoiled nature.


Lucice Cave is an underwater diamond consisting of a spacious chamber at 15 meters, and two underwater tunnels dropping down at 30 meters and 44 meters. It is an ideal spot for underwater photographers.


From hut to hut routes to multi-day camping & hiking adventures, you can find just about anything on this small island.


Thanks to Brač’s hidden caves, mystical sites, the highest peak of the Adriatic islands, spectacular views of the neighboring islands and the mainland, hiking on the island of Brač is must do. These are some of the best hikes in Croatia that are worth both your time and energy.


Try it and feel the spirit of the Croatian mountain.


Whether you are an experienced windsurfer or someone who would like to hit the waves for the first time, windsurfing on Brac won’t disappoint you.


Thanks to its ideal wind conditions and one of the most beautiful pebble beaches, Bol is often considered the most attractive windsurfing destination in Croatia.


It’s a great place for both amateurs and professionals.  There are also many windsurfing clubs and schools, which rent out equipment and learn basics of this sport.


Stone masonry

The school of stonemasonry in the town Pucisca is not unique only in Croatia but in Europe too. It has been educating people in the art of stone-masonry for over 100 years. Brac stone is known for its quality and bright white colour and has been quarried from the island since the Roman times.


You’ll see it in the world’s most iconic buildings, from the White House to Budapest’s Parliament Building. The school opens for visitors who want to see and learn about this ancient work of art. You can even see students at work.

Wine tasting

Explore fertile vineyards and discover fine Dalmatian wines. Learn how local island families cultivate popular grape varieties such as Plavac Mali, and see how ancient traditions blend with modern technologies to bring out the best.


Whether you choose Dalmatia’s oldest wine cooperative, founded in 1900, or just small, family owned winery boutique in the heart of the island, you will be able to explore this island from different points and enjoy the unique island lifestyle.

Marble quarry

Among the interesting characteristics of this area is the work of the stonemason, since Brac is famous for its high quality marble. There are famous rock quarries near Pucisca, Selca, Postiran, Splitska, Donji Humac.


The stone from Brac was used in building of the White House in Washington and Diocletian Palace in Split, the Parliament building and New Castle in Vienna, and the Deputy’s Palace in Trieste.

Traditional restaurants

Brac is well-known to fans of traditional Dalmatian cuisine for its outstanding gastronomic offer of just caught seafood, home-made cheese and very special lamb, washed down with home-made wine.


We suggest you enjoy a gastronomic experience which takes you into the ancient tavern just few steps from the sea as well as modern kitchens, where you will have chance to meet local island heritage with its own distinct flavours and centuries of tasty tradition.


We invite you to discover Brac traditional cuisine as well as history of various counties of Croatia!